Pattrick Ng


As a former telecommunications engineer, Pattrick is currently a Unit Manager for Great Eastern Life (Malaysia) and a co-founder of i-GenXYZ Financial Group, Ipoh. He is also the co-founder of a local charitable organization by the name of FACES Youth Society. He is actively involved in the life insurance & financial planning business for the past 7 years thus have vast experience in sales phycology, customer service, objection handling, agency building, personal coaching and event organising.



As someone who believes in continuous learning, Pattrick has attended trainings on topics such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Law of Attraction, DISC, Coaching for Sales Performance and Professional Leadership Skills.


Formed in August 2011, I-GenXYZ Financial Group is an energetic group specializing in life insurance and financial planning in Ipoh. The group consists of around 80 members and is currently handling more than 5,000 clients in their portfolio. The group has been experiencing double digit growth in terms of manpower and business volume for the past 5 years and is on track to grow even better in years to come.


In year 2013, Pattrick co-founded the first BNI (Business Network International) chapter in Perak called Pioneer Chapter. Following up with his mission to change the way Perak, especially Ipoh does business, Pattrick was appointed as a BNI Director Consultant for Perak Region. The role of a BNI Director Consultant is to expand more chapters in the region, work with chapter ambassadors as a team to bring value to the members and the chapters. In the year 2016, together with Mr.Chin Kang Wei, the first Cantonese speaking BNI chapter in Malaysia was launched with Hall of Fame status.


Pattrick’s training is focused mainly on fun activities that will “Ah-ha!” moments to the participants. He strongly believes that the best learning occurs when participants are happy and having fun playing games.


To-date, Pattrick has conducted more than 15 team building events for i-GenXYZ Financial Group and FACES Youth Society. He has also facilitated team-buildings events for BNI Chapters in Perak and several corporates companies from different industries