Chin Kang Wei


​Chin Kang Wei is an independent and accomplished speaker and trainer who has inspired and changed the lives of multiple students, individuals and corporations through self-development and empowerment workshops. A graduate from the National Computing Centre (UK), with a Diploma in Computer Studies, Kang Wei started off as a computer tutor and Core-tutor for Autodesk AutoCAD in Practical Computer Centre Sdn. Bhd in 1992. From there, he found his calling as a trainer and the rest is history as he pursued this passion.


​Kang Wei is currently the principal trainer and founder of Avenue Creative Learning in Malaysia and has had vast experience in running and conducting GeniusBrain Programme training throughout countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Oman and U.K. for the past 15 years. His company has organised many workshops on improving students study skills using Super Learning Methods with GeniusBrain Super Learning programmes.


​Kang Wei is a Certified GeniusBrain Consultant since 2008, Master Trainer for for GeniusBrain Worldwide Sdn Bhd.


​To further improve his experience in training skills, in 2009, Kang Wei has personally attended Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), T Harv Eker (Author of Success of the Millionaire Mind), Anthony Robbins (World’s No. 1 Motivator Guru) and Jackson Ng (author of Speak with Impact) He is also a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator when he attended Michael Losier’s Cerification programmes in 2013 where he was personally trained and certified by Michael Losier (author of Law of Attraction) to help people understand why they are attracting negative things and how to attract what they want.


​In the same year (2013), he co-founded the first BNI (Business Network International) core group in Ipoh called Pioneer and it was launched in April ’13. He displayed exemplary performance, commitment and dedication, changing the way Ipoh does business. Kang Wei was appointed as a BNI Ambassador for the Perak region subsequently the following year. The role of a BNI Ambassador is to promote BNI, work with director consultant as a Team to bring value to the members and the chapters. In the year 2016, he was appointed to become the BNI Director Consultant for Perak Region with the role of expanding more chapters in the state of Perak.



The Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB/HRDF) introduced a programme which required trainers throughout the country to attend the PSMB Train-The-Trainer (TTT) programme to ensure quality of trainers. Due to Kang Wei’s vast experiences which have resulted in impressively conducted trainings, PSMB has exempted him from attending the TTT programme and is Certified HRDF Trainer.


Kang Wei’s training delivery is cheerful and captivating. Personally trained in Accelerated Teaching Technology by Founder of GeniusBrain Dr. Thomas Hooi, Kang Wei strongly believes in this manner of guidance, as research has proven that learning improves by as much as 400% faster than the normal training delivery techniques. He has assisted over 2000 participants, enhanced their self-esteem and has not only inspired participants to want to be better learners but also provided them the skills and techniques to becoming a better learner through GeniusBrain Super Learning Programme.


​To-date, Kang Wei has also trained and coached some of the prominent business owners, financial planners and entrepreneurs using, deliberately, the Law of Attraction tools to help them attract what they want in life.Kang Wei has facilitated team-buildings events for BNI Chapters in Perak and corporates companies. Although he has managed to touch so many people's lives by conducting trainings and have changed the lives of many through the self-development workshops, Kang Wei is striving to do even more as he sees the need in society to continually improve and move forward.




Law  Of  Attraction (1 Days)

Certified by Michael Losier

(author of Law of Attraction)









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