Using Law of Attraction as a Team to Achieve Desire Results

with 3 Simple Steps

March 26, 2020   •   By Achievers Mind

Every successful business owner, has one thing in common, they have a Vision & Mission in their companies.


Having a clear Vision & Mission in your business means you are aware to where you are heading. Clarity is Power!


Let us look at the 'Law of Attraction' and how it can help boost the productivity of your team. Employees - I prefer to acknowledge them as team members as every one of them plays a significant part in the growth of a company.


One of the most commonly ‘neglected’ parts by business owners is that they hardly share the actual meaning of their company’s Vision & Mission with their team members, especially the new recruits.


As the leader of your organization, does Vision & Mission belong to you alone? Or everyone in your organization?


To create an effective positive attraction here, every team member has to resonate with the company’s Vision & Mission while aligning with what they want to achieve personally.


When a team member fails to deliver, the business owner will most likely review them. Most of the time someone new will be recruited to replace the non-performer. If the process is repeated frequently year after year, the affected business owner will form a perception that it is difficult to recruit good team members. Some of you must have shared this sentiment with your fellow business owners.


In the practice of the LOA, your job is to focus on what you want, create a positive vibration on getting what you want and let the LOA figure it out.  So, are you focusing on the problem or the solutions now?


The key to activating this Law is to focus on the solution and not the problem. All vibrations (or thoughts) are managed by this intangible principle, The Universal Law of Attraction (LOA).


How can the LOA help in increasing productivity of your team members effectively?


Here are the 3 simple steps;

First and foremost, as the leader of your company you need to ensure that every team member in your company is aware of the Vision & Mission of the company. The LOA works effectively when everyone thinks alike.


Next, get the team members of every department to sit down together and carry out an activity using Contrast To Clarity Worksheet.  For example, the Sales Department, give an A4 paper to every team member. Then get them to fold the paper into half.  Tell them to write down on one part of the folded paper –the kinds of customers whom they are not keen to meet.  Then, unfold the paper and write on the other side– the types of clients whom they wish to meet.


By now all the team members are clear of what they want. Compile a list of what they want on a clean sheet of paper.  Print and distribute a copy to every team member for them to read and make sure that they feel good about what they want.

Now, allow the LOA to work.


Sending your team members to soft skills or technical skills training is still vital if you believe that they need further improvement.


The point here is to ensure that every team member has the same ‘wants and energy’. Sharing the same ‘wants’ among fellow team members will definitely bring a significant power of leveraging and will achieve the desire results faster and sooner - as everyone is having the same vibration!







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