Law of Attraction – The Allowing Process

March 23, 2020   •   By Achievers Mind

How soon do we get results from using the Law of Attraction? This is one of the frequently asked questions when I conduct a workshop. I always reply by asking “How much are you allowing it?”


What does ‘allowing’ mean?


The great thing about manifestation (result) is that it is up to us, not outside circumstances. You have all the control. Allowing is the absence of a negative vibration and is a state where resistance doesn’t exist.  You fully allow yourself to reach a goal only when you remove the doubts you have.


A quick reminder to all of you, the job description of the LOA is to match your vibrations. Vibrations are your feelings. The LOA responds to your vibrations by giving you more of the same.


Allowing is the easiest part in the LOA process. Once you have identified your desire (means you know what you want), you will just allow it. The process is liken to having a meal at a fine dining restaurant,  After you have been seated, a waiter will hand you a menu. You will choose the food you want and a waiter will then place the order to the kitchen and the chef will cook the food you have ordered.

And a few minutes later, the waiter will serve you the food! Bon Appetite!


Now, the question is – ‘Do you go into the kitchen and tell the chef how to cook, what ingredients to put or do you do the cooking?!?

Obviously you don’t!! You ‘Allow’ the chef to do it!


That’s ‘Allowing’ process.


The thing is we can only hold one vibration at one time. The doubt creates a negative vibration. Your intense aspiration creates a positive vibration. Once those two things happen at the same time, they cancel each other out. That is the reason so many people fail to manifest their dreams with the LOA.  The speed at which the LOA responds to your desires is directly in proportion to how much you are allowing it.


Manifestation is not about struggling or working hard. If you think you should work hard to get things, then you have a false perception. Manifestation is about growing. This is just like nature - grass doesn’t struggle to grow, it just grows; and water doesn’t struggle to flow, it just flows freely. Manifestation can occur quickly and naturally, free of struggle and extra effort. Struggling will create negative vibrations which will block manifestation.


In my LOA workshop, I ask the participants, “I have a very strong desire, will I get manifestation immediately?” Almost all of them answer affirmatively. When I say, “No!” there was a complete silence. Then I continue saying, “What if your doubt is strong too?”

Another example why some failed to manifest the results they had wanted and claimed that the LOA was not working – the typical I know attitude. Take for example, I know how the LOA works, but it won’t happen.  I have a strong desire – A Blue BMW 3 Series. Strong doubt - with the salary I have now, how can I have the BMW? I can’t even pay the deposit, let alone service the bank loan! Sounds familiar?

By the way, how many of you have heard of someone wining a BMW or even a Mercedes by saving money in a certain bank? Yes, you have.

The point is that a lot of people have misunderstood that by using the LOA, they focus on what they have wanted and at the same time have created doubts about getting it.


In practising the LOA, your job is to focus on what you want, create a positive vibration on getting what you want and let the LOA figures it out.


One way to assist you in ‘allowing process’ is to keep track of things that is happening to you, the positive one of course. It is called the Abundance Journal. It is very easy, get a pocket size notebook and write down all the good things that you are getting, such as – “Today I have observed abundance when I receive a free biz coaching session from Kang Wei while having lunch with him.”

Keep an Abundance Journal notebook with you and keep track for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, celebrate all the positive results you have received and have a positive vibration. That will definitely help you to remove doubts and observe how the LOA could change your life.


Allowing is the absence of doubts. You get instant manifestation when you have zero doubts.








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