Our Story

At first glimpse, the four founders of Achievers would strike as the least likely of companions to share any common ground. Hailing from different fields and industries, and with even greater a difference in experience and expertise, the only thing they share is the fact that they are business owners. It is however their differences in skill and knowledge that enables them to do  what they do so well as a team: to inspire business owners across a broad spectrum of industries,  and their common vision as business owners that make possible the pursue of Achievers’ mission:  to see businesses in Perak thrive and grow.  Perak, in recent years have seen scores of high school graduates and youths depart from  the comforts of their home to seek out higher education and employment in our nations major cities such as Kuala Lumpur or Penang, some even traveling overseas in their pursuit. This drain of talent from the state of Perak has incurred great delays in the expansion of industries and businesses within the state, a constant shortage of skilled workers and competent graduates due to a lack of both employment opportunities and career satisfaction. Seeing that this trend will not give way without a solution, Achievers has decided to become that solution.


The Founders of Achievers share the belief that learning is a life-long process, and when that process ceases its motion, stagnation creeps in and personal development comes to a standstill. This shared belief among the founders motivates them to develop a personalized consultation service that goes beyond the theoretical and into advisory that is practical, applicable and sustainable. With their own success as business owners, the founders offer guidance and mentoring with your company’s longevity in mind.


Ultimately, Achievers is a platform for business owners to step onto and take the growth and progress of their businesses into their own hands. We believe that as businesses in Perak begin to flourish, job opportunities and prospects will begin to follow suit as well, creating more career and growth opportunities for local youths. This creates an ideal symbiotic relation between the two, where businesses continue to churn out potential work opportunities and young job seekers choosing to strengthen the local workforce. If growth is your company’s priority, Achievers should be the top on your list of considerations. Numerous businesses have and continue to benefit from the consultation and advisory provided by our founders, especially during their stages of infancy. It is seeing the passion  and dedication that is injected by business owners into their companies that drives Achievers to deliver quality training, consultation and guidance.




Location: 17A, Medan Istana 7, Bandar Ipoh Jaya, 30000 Ipoh, Perak